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Next batch of CRQs online

The following CRQs have been added to the website in the last week – click on the Final FRCA tab to view them. ApnoeaCardiopulmonary exercise testing (CPET)Endoscopic thoracic sympathectomyLaser for laryngeal surgeryMyotonic dystrophyObstetric haemorrhageOne lung ventilationProne positioning and anaesthesiaRigid bronchoscopySmoking Thanks to all those that have contributed to these and so far to the CRQs.…

More CRQs

This weeks batch of new CRQs have been added: Acute spinal cord injuryCaesarean section under general anaesthesiaCardioplegiaCell salvageIntracranial pressure & CSF physiologyObstetric sepsisPost dural puncture headachePre-eclampsiaProne positioning & spinal surgery

New CRQs

A few more CRQs have been added this week including: Acute coronary syndromeCardiomyopathyCardiopulmonary bypassHeart failureMajor obstetric haemorrhage I have a few more to edit and will hopefully get them up soon. In line with our finals teaching plan in Cardiff they will be predominantly on thoracic, obstetric and neonatal anaesthesia.