One thought on “Ankle Block

  1. Hi Ben/Jen

    Really excellent work. I have spotted a few minor things on this one:

    Deep peroneal Nerve – supplies to “sensation to” the webbed space

    Saphenous nerve – need to add supplies “sensation to”

    Sural nerve – then descends and curls forward behind the lateral malleolus? (??forward behind) is that the correct wording, seems a bit confusing to me

    Sensory distribution….is there supposed to be instructions on this one? I was clicking on the question marks. Is the idea that you think which area is covered by which nerve and then reveal….if so maybe state that if you can.

    How much local anaesthetic would you administer? ….this needs to be more specific….i.e. when performing a landmark technique ankle block on an adult, how much local anaesthetic would you administer?

    Toxic doses – maybe state lidocaine without adrenaline

    Landmark block card 1 says “aspectic”
    Landmark block card 2 – i the question should be: describe the landmark technique of blocking the….
    Same for card 3. & 4 add “landmark technique to blocking”….

    Great work.

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